CERI 2014

The Civil Engineering Research in Ireland 2016 (CERI2014) conference was hosted by Queens University Belfast on 28-29 August 2014. 85 papers were presented at the conference on a range of topics, including Bridges, Concrete, Geotechnical, Energy, Hydraulics, Structures, Timber and Other Civil Engineering Materials.

Awards at CERI 2014

Thank you very much to all the delegates of CERI 2014 for making this event successful. The following awards were given at CERI 2014.

Life time achievement award - Prof. Muhammed Basheer of Queen' University Belfast

Young researcher award - Dr. Vikram Pakrashi of University College Cork

Best Paper

  • "A novel triaxial testing procedure to model the action of lubricants in pipe jacking" by Ciaran Reilly and Trevor Orr

Best Student papers on:

  • Structures - "Effect of prestress force and eccentricity on natural frequencies of prestressed concrete structures" by Darragh Noble, Maria Nogal, Alan O'Connor and Vikram Pakrashi

  • Geotechnics - "The effect of scour on the dynamic response of an offshore wind turbine" by Luke Prendergast, Ken Gavin and Paul Doherty

  • Bridges - "The full potential of energy harvesting from train induced responses in bridges" by Paul Cahill, Nathan Jackson, Alan Mathewson and Vikram Pakrashi

  • Materials - "Structural performance of timber connections" by Daniel Coleman and John Justin Murphy

  • Concrete - this was jointly awarded to:

  • "A new performance based method for design and maintenance of reinforced concrete structures" by Colleen Green, Sree Nanukuttan and Muhammed Basheer

  • "The performance of a cathodic protection system in reinforced concrete structure: monitoring and service life modelling" by Cillian Ward, Sree Nanukuttan and John McRobert

Final conference programme is available to download. Click here to download a PDF copy of the conference schedule.

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Dr. Mark Russell - m.i.russell@qub.ac.uk

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Photo: The Narrow Water Bridge